Inside Mammoth

Mammoth is a brand established by young and innovative minds who started a local bicycle shop specializing in fat bikes, parts and accessories.  Built as a Philippine company which in the beginning aims to satiate the growing interest in fat-biking.

Mammoth pioneers the introduction of biggest quality tires not only locally but even when compared to international brand tires. The company continuously strive for excellence providing improved products every new releases. Enhanced the bike frames and offer quality drivetrains that is suitable for bad ass mammoth fat bikes rampaging the dirt or simply chilling out in the road.

Mammoth offers best fat bikes, parts and accessories with great looks not compromising the standard of quality. The brand newest addition in its product line are bicycle bags and storage. It ensures the bicycle bags are functional yet in style.

Mammoth Empire team believe bicycle is not only for utility cycling, it's a leisure activity, it's a sport, it's a lifestyle. You can wear it as your fashion statement and take with yourself during your ride.